Thursday, 25 July 2013

Galacticraft #8 - OH S***

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

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Who is the best Mid laner?

Who is the best mid laner. Well it depends on your style of play and your opponent but I like Wukong and AP Shaco. They are both not officially mid laners but I have never lost as them in the mid lane. They both have incredible jukeing capability and when played properly I think can dominate a lane. So how do you wukong mid well trade without allowing them to trade back. Max your e first followed by q and then w and your combo should be e - q - w for high damage and no damage taken. For AP Shaco take 2 points in your w and then max e for the damage with boxes and poke him to death with your e. Pile your Boxes to the side of the lain (To avoid them attacking minions) between the river and your turret where the torch is on the wall then bait him in. your method of baiting is up to you but I like to be on low health and give him/her opportunity to attack me, when they do draw them to your boxes so the boxes attack him/her and q behind him followed by e and make good use of your passive. trust me he/she will die fast(there will be some examples of this on my channel soon this also makes you jungle proof if he/she ganks and boxes don't kill him/her or at least scare him/her away they will fear him allowing you to escape.  

Empire Earth #4 - Rapid growth

How the Champion select should be in League of Legends!

Okay, for the last 20 mins I have spent my life making this  . As a mid laner in almost every lobby there is an argument with me and another mid laner about "Who called first". Clever people like my self work out that it takes time for the game to process the chat and for the signal to travel between server and the summoner's PC so you are almost always the first to call in the chat ON YOUR SCREEN. These people will ask the team who truly called first on their screen so its fair. But allot of the time the other player is like "no i called first = i lock in and go mid". The system i have thought up and I'm sure many others have also thought of works in the same way champion selection does... you pick a lane and it appears under your champion icon on the left hand side. also its then becomes unavailable to pick for others. although this will not illuminate trolls who will go mid anyway it will help decide the true mid/top/ADC/support laner and jungler are. Additionally at the end of a game in the lobby where you can honer etc it will say the lane they locked in as next to their name so if some one who locked in lets say top but went mid anyway because he/she believes he/she should be mid, the other nine people can see he didn't call first and choose to report him for "lane invasion"(new report for this system). also the game could track where a champion spent there early game and where they killed most creeps to see if the troll top laner did go mid despite the fact that they lock top and apply an appropriate sanction.

This is only an idea to stop the "who called who" issue not to stop thing like dual top or Annie + Rammus bot.

Thanks for reading and please share this around so riot can see.....
If you are reading this and you play league of legends please comment and tell make what you think about camera positioning on summoners rift. Purple side's ADC and support are automatically put at a disadvantage from the camera angle and the jungler always thinks twice before ganking. how would you suggest the camera angle should be for purple.... I think it should be the opposite of blue with the purple bass in the bottom right corner and the enemy bass in the top left.
That's me sorted for the next month!